Phonak Audeo Paradise
Phonak Audeo Paradise
Phonak Audeo Paradise
Phonak Audeo Paradise

Phonak Audeo Paradise

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New Phonak Audeo Paradise Hearing Aids

Launched in August 2020 the Phonak Audeo Paradise Hearing Åids have superseded the already excellent Phonak Marvel. They feature some impressive new innovations that further improve performance in competing noise, natural sound quality and quality of audio streamed audio. All feed into better speech understanding and listening comfort.  

Latest Prism Chip platform 

Phonak's has introduced a new PRISM chip platform which stands for (Processing Real-time Intelligent Sound Management) enhances processing power, has twice the memory of its predecessor  and uses less power.

Phonak PRISM

Useful New features:

  • Bluetooth classic connection to any modern bluetooth enabled phone whether iPhone, Android or Windows.
  • Allows 2 active connections and 8 paired devices.
  • Entirely hands free phone call streaming. 
  • Now incorporates motion sensors to process both acoustic input and motion to  influence the automatics.
  • Double tap function to answer and end phone calls and activate and deactivate audio streaming.
  • Stream music and audio from your phone, tablet or PC in full stereo without a need for headphones. 
  • Connect to a host of specially designed Phonak Accessories including the TV Connector for Dolby Stereo sound quality directly from your television.  Improve your hearing over distance or in noise by using the Phonak Partner Mic or Roger Select iN.

Benefits of Motion Sensors

Taking both acoustic and movement input helps the hearing aid regulate their automatics such as the adaptive directional microphones. For example if you are in a noisy environment but are stationary such as sitting at a dinner table the hearing aids know they have to put their microphones into more of a directional focus. If you then get up and start walking after 6 steps the hearing aids will identify that you are moving and the hearing aids will then open up the microphone pickup range. So if you are walking next to someone the hearing aids won’t remain in directional focus forward mode and enable you to pick up the speech of the person you are walking with.

Data from research shows users prefer to have motion sensors active. 

The motion sensors enable you with a light double tap to answer/reject calls, get Siri or Google voice to listen to your commands such as calling and searches and Play & stop audio streaming.

New Dynamic Noise Reduction

Phonak's top end Audeo Paradise P90 also introduces a new Dynamic Noise reduction feature to improve understanding of speech in noise.

Soft Speech Understanding

Understanding someone who is speaking softly or from a distance in a quiet environment can be difficult. The Speech Enhancer activates in quiet environments to boost soft speech without making soft environmental noises any louder. This helps hearing softly spoken speech over distances. You can now enjoy hearing those softly spoken friends and loved ones more easily. 

 Improved Rechargebility

The R in the description represents that the Phonak Audeo Paradise P90-R is rechargeable using its built in lithium Ion battery. The battery is rated to last around 6 years before it's likely to need replacement. A full charge takes only 3 hours and delivers close to 23 hours of continual use.

There are four tiers of technology with the Phonak Audeo Paradise. The top of the line premium model being the Audeo P90, then Advanced P70, Midrange P50 and Essential P30.

Remote Support Capable

The MyPhonak App also allows you to have a virtual appointment with your hearing care professional using the Remote Support function. You can use your Smart phone or tablet in the comfort of your own home to have your hearing aids programmed. Using the Paradise hearing aids your hearing care professional can test your hearing remotely.

There’s an Audiogram direct function where the hearing aids produce the test tones to obtain a type of graph of your hearing sensitivity called a Sensogram or Insitu-gram.  These results can then be directly applied to accurately fit and fine tune the hearing aids. This is convenient where hearing can fluctuate or change and it is difficult to attend a hearing clinic in person.