Why are you so much cheaper?


A question we are commonly asked is why are our prices so low compared to other hearing clinics in Australia?


For over eight years of practice Harmony Hearing has become known for providing some of the most competitively priced hearing aids in Australia coupled with professional and after care services our clients can rely on.


As a Perth family-owned and run practice we don’t need the inflated margins our larger competitors demand to remain profitable and viable. We are not greedy and don’t need to price gouge.


Lower Overheads

At Harmony Hearing we avoid the top-heavy management structures and expensive interruption marketing campaigns that encumber our large chain competitors. Instead we focus on building quality relationships with our clients who often by ‘word-of-mouth’, refer their friends and loved ones to us.


We also build trusting relationships with allied health-care professionals who refer to us as part of their holistic health care approach.


Better Supply Costs

Over the years, we have built alliances with suppliers offering the most competitive prices on leading brand hearing aids. This enables us to pass on substantial savings on to our clients.


Our business model is designed to save our clients between $3000- $5000 on average, for a pair of top quality hearing aids.


Harmony Hearing has helped over two thousand happy hearing aid wearers find the right hearing aids and at the right price.


Do I Need Hearing Test Results?


No, you do not have to forward us a hearing test (Audiogram), but it’s a head start that opens up more options.


Having a recent hearing test (Audiogram) to accurately programme hearing aids to your current hearing levels can be obtained in several ways:


  • Attend a local hearing clinic or medical centre that conducts hearing tests and request a take home copy of the results (Audiogram).


  • Attend one of our hearing clinics in person.


  • We can conduct an online hearing test using either the Phonak or Widex brand of hearing aids.



What’s the best way to proceed?


As your hearing levels, communication needs and style preferences are all unique to you, we recommend initially booking in for a free consultation with our Audiologist.


This can take the form of either a phone call, live video chat or an in-person clinic visit.


The Audiologist will discuss your needs and expectations to help identify the best hearing aid solution.


You can then place your order via our online store, or by telephone or in person at one of our clinics.


Can I trial the hearing aids to make sure I am happy?


Absolutely! We offer a 30 day trial of any hearing aids we recommend and fit.  We call it a “Satisfaction Guarantee.”


There are two options if you decide the hearing aids are not satisfactory:


1) Exchange them for a different model and commence another 30 day trial.


2) 100% Money Back refund.


If you would like to exchange them and trial another model simply call us on 1800 020 406 or email info@harmonyhearing.com.au  and let us know.


Upon returning hearing aids for a refund, the hearing aids will be checked to see if they are in good working condition and that the packaging is in a reasonable state. Then we’ll complete the refund within a couple of business days.


How long does it take to receive my new hearing aids?

In normal times, it takes between 3-5 working days to receive your hearing aids upon placing the order. We are finding during these Covid-19 times it can take up to 14 days with postal delays. We track all deliveries to keep you updated on estimated delivery times.


Do you offer Free Shipping?

Yes! We provide free shipping within Australia. All orders are sent via express and registered mail which is tracked for security. For international orders shipping fees may apply.


How can I send in my hearing test (Audiogram)?

You can send you test to us by email info@harmonyhearing.com.au Fax: 0894333569 or simply take a photo of the Audiogram and Text send it to 0488 433 249.


Do you offer hearing aid financing?

Yes! We are currently aligned with MediPay who are specialised lenders for the health and medical industry. Please see www.medipay.com.au   You can choose the duration you take the loan over which can be up to seven years. They do charge a relatively low interest rate, but this will give you the ability to comfortably pay off the devices over time. So, you can hear your very best now and pay later!


Please Note: Be weary of those offering 1 year interest free* If you go beyond a year their interest rates are extortionate!


How long is my warranty and who do I contact?

We provide a minimum 3 Years of warranty on most hearing aid brands with 5 years on select models.  Hearing aid accessories usually only have a one year warranty. You simply call 1800 020 406 or email us on info@harmonyhearing.com.au if there’s a breakdown of the hearing aids or accessories and we’ll have them repaired for you in a timely manner. You can either register mail the products into us or drop them off at our clinics.